5 Top Lipstick suggestion by Celebrity Makeup Artist

Every girl loves lipstick and its not surprising to see few girls have dozens of them in their vanity bag. Lipstick takes the beauty of a girl effortlessly to the next level. But choosing the right lipstick and trending one is pretty challenging.

There are always innumerable choices in colors and shades when it comes to selecting lipsticks. Whether you like to apply nude lipstick on daily basis or want to look bolder with bright red lipsticks, there are endless options and brands to choose from. In this post, we help you to pick the finest one with help of celebrity makeup artist Namrata Soni’s suggestion. Find them.

PillowTalk medium by Charlotte Tilbury, MBE

KatrinSand by Gucci Beauty

AmericanWoman by NARS Cosmetics

Lip Velvet Nude Rose No.405 by Burberry Beauty

Walk This Way by NARS Cosmetics

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