Eye Catching Latest Bridal Blouse Sleeve Designs

Who thought a blouse sleeve would stage a show? Yes! The designs of the sleeves is catching up new trends and is clasping all attention. The sleeve designs can add totally a new and unique look to your attire. Now, even brides are experimenting with several designed sleeves. Here we have collated few latest designs that real brides have exhibited. If you are a bride-to-be, am sure you would be enthralled to pick up one of this!

Hanging tassels on a silk blouse

Lovely Flowy Sleeves

Fringe and Fur Sleeves

Netted Long sleeves

The Ruffled Sleeves

Captivating and Soothing Sleeves

Puffy Sleeves

blouse sleeve length

Sheer Cape Floral Embroidery Sleeves

Cold Shoulder with embroidery

cold shoulder blouse

The Extra Long Sleeves

Full Sleeves with Off Shoulders

Off shoulder bridal blouse

Modish Cape Style Sleeves

Cold Shoulder Cape Sleeves

Blouse Sleeves with Mirror work and Chrome Details

Butterfly Sleeves

One Sided Puffy Sleeves

Frilly Sleeves

Strapless Sleeves

Fall Down Sleeves

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