How To Paint Walls Yourself

When your home walls look dull and boring, you might like to pick up a brush yourself and paint. Don’t you? If yes, you can paint your walls yourself, all you need is the right tips to do it, and here we are to help you with it. Paint your wall the way you want, in your own style and be more gratified to see your own great work.

Plan your new Design

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If you are thinking of changing your home wall , then you must be having something in your mind. First make a thorough research and decide on the design you want to see. Think upon these factors – the color you want to pick, do you want all the walls to have same color or a single wall colored differently, do you want a plain wall or a patterned wall, what kind of finish you want – matte, metallic or glossy. Work on the plan and decide on all these things before you roll your sleeves.

Get the Tools

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Once you decide on the plan, next thing for you is to get ready with the tools. Get the right amount of paint you need, brush, cleaning essentials, different tools for designed walls if you are looking for patterned wall. Make a checklist of things before you head out for shopping and make sure you do not miss anything.

Move your Furniture

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First and foremost thing is, move all your furniture and accessories so that they do not suffer during the mess. Any droplets of paint on your furniture ends up either with spots or more work for you to clean it up. Cover them up with old cloth and move them to other room so that you can paint without any obstacles

Protect with Tapes

Use a painter’s tape to cover everything that you don’t wish to paint. Protect the rim at the top and bottom of the wall and around doorways and windows. Cover electrical boards and switches, hardware, molding, ventilation trims, doorknobs, and everything else that you’d want untouched.

Clean the Walls

Clean the walls to remove dust, dirt, and grease. You can use a large cellulose sponge and water mixed with few drops of mild dish-washing liquid to clean walls. You can even just use a moist sponge and clean your walls.

Prepare up the Walls

Inspect your walls. If you see any chipping paint, cracks, holes or any damage, you have to deal with them first. Sand and scrape these flaws to obtain a smooth wall. Once the wall surface is levelled, wipe the walls with soft, dry cloth to remove any wall particles

Apply Primer to the Wall

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Once the walls are ready, apply Primer to the wall. Roll the primer onto the wall, apply an even coat covering the walls completely. Primer acts as an adhesive for the paint and help paint last longer. Primer not only help paint stick to wall, but also reduces the number of paint coats needed.

Paint by hand for Precision

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Once the Primer is applied, your walls are ready for painting. Mix the paint thoroughly using a wooden stick. Begin painting at the corners or trims with hand for precision. Dip the tip of your paintbrush about 2″ into the paint, letting the excess drip off. Then, brush the paint onto the wall along with the tape. Work your way down using smooth, linear strokes until you’ve completed the outer perimeter of the painter’s tape.

Paint with Roller

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Now paint the entire surface easily using a roller. Roll the paint onto the wall in a 3-by-3-foot “W” shape. Working your way back across that “W,” without lifting the roller, fill in empty patches until the wall is fully covered. Wait for 2-4 hours for the coat to dry. If you need a deeper hue on the walls, add another coat in the same manner.

Wait for paint to Dry up

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After you are done painting, its time to wait. Take a final look over the wall for any spots, drips or any other problem and rectify. When everything is done, you may feel like touching your wall and appreciate yourself for such a beautiful thing. But again, do not touch until its dried completely. Be patient and wait for paint to dry up overnight.

And what next? Remove the painter’s tape carefully, move back your furniture and accessories, and flaunt the coolest home wall that you fashioned for yourself!

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