Vaastu Directions for your New Home

Vaastu plays an important part in our lives. For some people Vaastu is about boosting luck, while for some its about proper placement. Whatever is the belief, Vaastu has its own benefits. If you are planning for a new home, then keep in mind these basic Vaastu tips for a happy home!

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Always go for square or rectangular shaped home. This enhances energy flow and vibrations. A square home should be divided into 5 parts , 4 quarters and one center (Brahmaand). Each compartment some properties , hence it is important to structure this way.

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North- East is water element region, hence North , North East and East is supposed to have entrance, living room or abode of God.

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South-East is a fire element region and is a perfect place to have your kitchen. This helps to balance female power and cash flow.

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South-West is an earth element and the best place to situate your master bedroom. South-West is the center for male power, it ensures stability of relationships and vigilance.

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North-West corner is also called as Vayavya corner (Vayu moola). North-West is an ideal direction for storage and toilet.

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