Best Ways for Dads to Bond With The Baby

If you’re new to fatherhood, there are lots of great ways to build a strong bond with your baby while helping your little family thrive. Whether you’re home with your family full-time, fitting in quality time at night or on weekends, or simply a dad struggling to bond with baby, here’s how you can connect with your newborn.

Cuddling is the first thing to comfort your baby

Any chance you get to cuddle a baby is a good one. Whether your baby is crying or want to sleep or just wants some cuddle, cuddling comforts a baby. The face-to-face connect is crucial and the babies try to pick up cues and starts understanding your reactions.

Take Night Shifts

Allow your partner to get more sleep so that she can restore energy for the day. Hop out of your bed if there is a chance for bottle feed or do some soothing. It might be hard for you to appreciate it, but its worth it!

Get involved in feeding and nappy change

If your partner is able to pump breast milk or you have chance to bottle feed, spend quality time with baby feeding them. You will be able to connect more with the baby as feeding is the first thing that everyone likes. Also get involved in changing nappies for the baby, add in a song or tickle game and get bonded.

Wake up with the baby

Babies are usually in a better mood in the morning than during those fussy evening when you get home from work. Think of mornings as your special time instead. Offer to take the baby after the early morning feeding and let your partner sleep an extra 30 minutes. Sure, you have a busy workday ahead, but there’s no reason you can’t make a habit.

Comfort baby when they’re in distress

Bonding with your baby when they’re happy and sweet is nice in theory, but it’s not reality. Bonding is also about when the baby cries. Your ability to contend with challenging moments is crucial to becoming a confident parent, so learn to be fearless in the face of fussiness. You need to become the baby whisperer.

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