Moggina Jade Designs /Different ways to style Moggina Jade/Pelli Poola Jada

Moggu is a Kannada word which refers to bud usually Jasmine and Jade refers to plait of hair, hence the name Moggina Jade (also known as Pelli poola Jada in Telugu). This traditional hairdo was the most common bridal hairstyle during earlier days and was adorned by women even during their baby shower . Even small girls wear this hairdo during functions and festivities or just for photoshoot as they look like a little bride with their plait decorated with jasmine buds.

Nowadays, artificial and colorful flowers are also used for this hairstyle unlike the usual white jasmine buds. The plait is also decorated with fashionable hair accessories like designer pins and clips to add additional look. Check out different ways in which the Moggina Jade is designed!

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