Stylish Organza Sarees Idea 2022

Organza is basically a sheer, crisp, lightweight apparel fabric that was originally made from silk, but now made from synthetic fibers as well, primarily polyester and nylon. Since organza material gives more volume to the dress it is a good choice for bridal gowns. It is now common for sarees as well since they give a classy chic look and stays lighter on body.

Sarees, being the traditional attire of India, will always be the first choice when it comes to festivities and occasions like marriages, baby shower and more. Sarees are available in variety of materials, like pure silk, satin, cotton, chiffon, nylon, Organza and more. Pastel and floral organza sarees have become the latest fashion choice among young women. Their sheer appearance and light weight material is making them the perfect spring ethnic choice among youngsters. Lets check out some organza sarees of this year 2022!

Pastel Organza Sarees 2022

Celebrities In Organza Sarees

How Is Organza Fabric Made?

The process of makin organza fabric is quite cumbersome since they are handwoven. Organza, which is traditionally made from silk is now even woven with synthetic filament fibers such as polyester or nylon.

The initial process is extraction of filament fibers which depends on the material that is used. For example if the material is silk, then the process of extraction of silk fiber filaments involves boiling silkworm cocoons and then immersing in hot water, which are later reeled or unraveled to render them into strings of fiber. If the material used is polyester then the process of extracting the filaments involves lab process which requires treatment of the production material with various chemical processes.

After the initial process, the next process involves twisting two single fibers to form a yarn. Before the resulting yarn is spun into fabric, it is treated with acid, which increases the stiffness of the fabric and further woven by hand to give it the perfect appearance and stiffness of organza saree.

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