Top Safe Beauty Brands for New Moms and Babies

Picking a beauty product for your baby can be an overwhelming task for you, as you are anxious about the product and if that is good for your baby. You have to look into the ingredients and have to choose those which will soothe their skin without irritating them. Well, this can be a tedious task for you and hence we have compiled list of skincare brands that are proven to be safe and effective. You can shop the below brands, they are safe for their skin and its good for you!

The Mom’s Co

The Mom’s Co boasts skincare, haircare and bodycare products that are silicone-free, sulphate-free and mineral oil-free, so you can be sure that you’re only putting baby-safe ingredients on yours—and their skin. Try the Natural Talc-Free Baby Powder, which is made with cornstarch.


Gro-To contains no toxins, mineral oils or synthetic fragrances that means you can bathe yourself and your baby without being worried about what’s in your favourite products. The squalane and sea buckthorn-rich Skin Wizard, is a nourishing body massage oil that prevents moisture from escaping the skin and reduce dryness.


Buy Natural, Baby Care Products From Maaté I LBB, Chennai

Maate has Ayuverdic essential properties and the ingredients are safe and efficient, making them must have for your baby. Try Baby Hair Cleanser, which is a blend of emollients with protein-rich fenugreek and green gram, which strengthen hair roots, leaving hair soft and shiny. If you or your baby have dandruff (or cradle cap), the neem in the shampoo regulates the scalp’s natural oil secretion and serves as a cooling agent.

Chantecaille Bebe

If you like luxurious skin care as your regular pre-motherhood routine, this is perfect for you. With safe essential oil-based fragrance and a rich, whipped texture, you’ll love massaging it into your skin too.

Bebe Orange Blossom Face Cream, is rich in organic plant oils like coconut and tamanu, which seal in moisture. Wild moss rose, another star ingredient, has itch-relieving properties that are proven to reduce the appearance of redness.


Poloroma products are formulated without dairy, soy or gluten that is important if you do not know if your baby is allergic to any of these ingredients yet. Also, there’s no perfume in any of the products, not even through essential oils.

Try Smooth Sailing Gentle Cleansing Bar, that is a multipurpose product rich in shea butter which deeply moisturises the skin, roman chamomile to reduce inflammation, and colloidal oatmeal to reduce redness.

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