Treadmill – A must have Home Equipment at Covid Times

In this difficult time of pandemic, it is important that you exercise to keep yourself fit. At the same time, it is terrible to go out for a jog or walk outside. And if you are willing to lose weight or get a perfect shape, you cannot even hit the gym. To accomplish your fitness regime, get an equipment home instead. Buy a Treadmill today, the finest and the most popular one to begin your exercise routine.

Herlyfe picks top Treadmill equipment for you to choose from

Fitkit FT098 Series 1.5HP (2HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill 

DC-Motorised , Motor horsepower data : 1.5HP. Speed of 1-10km/hr, Max Weight support of 90 kgs. Manual Incline with Inclination Level of 3. LED display showing speed, time, distance, calories burned, heart rate with AUX input

Lifelong FitPro LLTM09 (2.5 HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill 

 Powerful but quiet 2.5HP motor delivers speed from 10Km/h to meet different fitness demands. Comfort cell cushioning technology with 8 rubber pads under deck for shock absorption gives your Joint the support they deserve, making for a more comfortable workout and faster recovery. Anti-skid rubber surface for maximum comfort and safety

Kamachi KTM-04 Home Use 2 HP Motorized Multi-Function Treadmill 

 Motor Power of 2 HP. Running Surface(LxB): 390 – 1100 mm. Maximum User Weight: 100 Kg. No incline level. Foldable & movable, has Massager. 12 preset workout programs for effective workout, Changeable mode will help to plan structured exercise.

Beginners Guide Before Running on Treadmill

Now that you have a Treadmill, you might be too tempted to just jump on start your workout. Before that, you might have to know few things before starting your workout. Check these effective tips for an enjoyable safe treadmill run.

Know your Treadmill

Firstly know your treadmill well, learn different functions of the machine you are using. When you get the treadmill installed, understand all the features well from the installer.

Warm Up

Before you get on to treadmill, doing some warm up exercises is beneficial. A warm up rises your heart rate, sends oxygen to your muscles, and raises temperature. Start with a 5 minute walk or easy jog on the treadmill before you pick up pace or increase the incline.

Use Slight Incline

Set treadmill incline between 1 – 2percent. Since there’s no wind resistance indoors, a gentle uphill better simulates outdoor running. Its ok to initially set your incline to zero until you build up your fitness and later increase when you are comfortable.

Don’t make it too Steep

Don’t set the incline too steep, this places too much strain on your back, hips and ankles. Some may think that this is a great workout challenge, but it will lead to injury. However, you could mix up steep inclines with some flat running.

Don’t hold on to the Handrail

Some people assume that they need to hold onto the handrails when walking or running on a treadmill. But the handrails are only there to help you safely get on and off of the treadmill. Holding it forces you to hunch over, an inefficient running form that can lead to neck, shoulder, and back pain. Keep your posture straight and erect. Your head should be up, your back straight, and shoulders level.

Don’t Lean Forward or Look Down

Always keep your body upright. If you lean too forward, you might end up with neck and back pain. Also don’t keep looking down. You might be tempted to keep looking how much you have run.  You’re likely to run hunched over, which could lead to back and neck pain.

Don’t step on or off while treadmill is moving

One of the biggest injury cause on treadmill is getting on or moving out of it while its running. You might be in a hurry to get off and you are tired too, but be patient and wait for the machine to stop completely.

Relax wit Music

Listening to music can be great way to kill boredom and run longer. Choose songs that you like, it will help you to stop checking the clock to see how much more to go.

Hydrate well

Running on treadmill makes you sweat a lot. Keep yourself well hydrated, drink atleast 4 – 6 ounces every 20 minutes you are running on the treadmill.

Follow these tips for an efficient and gratifying exercise on treadmill. Happy Running!

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