Your baby won’t sleep? Understand why.

While you are so excited to welcome your bundle of joy, one of the most common problem you soon face is your baby wont sleep and wont let you sleep. This may be very exhausting for new parents. Your newborn is not accustomed to sleep straight for long duration of hours and it takes time for you to train your baby to sleep uninterruptedly even for short duration of time.

Even though your little one wakes up frequently, if she or he seems cranky and not sleeping problem, check for these common problems.

Your baby’s internal clock is not synced your schedule

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Your baby is still developing a circadian rhythm of its own– a process which governs the sleep-wake cycle of the body. While it may take more than 12 weeks for your newborn to learn the difference between daytime and nighttime, you can slowly increase the time that your baby stays awake during the day to ensure that he sleeps a little longer at night. You can also take baby outside and expose to natural light and help reset the cycle.

Your baby is hungry

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Since your baby has no other means of communication, baby might get cranky and do not sleep when he/she is hungry or thirsty. Check if the baby needs to be fed again. You might have just fed the baby, but they may feel hungry again as they have tiny stomachs.

Your baby is exhausted

Your baby might get cranky and do not sleep if they are exhausted. If they overtire themselves during the day, then they may act fussy. Watch for the clues and try swaddling them to make them feel secure and put to sleep.

Your baby is not comfortable

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Check if the temperature is too hot or cold for your baby. Also check for nappy if they are too wet or dirty. Check if the baby needs to burp to release gas. If the baby is unwell and unable to sleep, call your doctor immediately.

Your baby just wants to spend some more time with you

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Yes, sometimes the little one just needs your soothing and reassuring presence to go back to sleep. Cradling, providing skin-to-skin contact against your chest or even cuddling with your little bundle of joy should do the trick in this case.

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